Friday, October 21, 2005

A Week in Seattle/西雅图七天

Time: July 21-27, 2005
Place: Seattle, WA

Seattle is beautiful, both metropolitan prosperity and natural harmony can be found here. Seattle is inhabitable, no torturing summer nor severe winter, only picturesque lakes and mountains. You don't need to worry about being sleepless in Seattle, since you see the heaven even when you're awake...

Part I -- Downtown/市区

Bank of America Tower (1049 ft/320 m)


Smith Tower

King Street Station

Amazon building

Under construction

Harbor Steps/天梯

Art Museum/艺术博物馆

Pioneer Square, the oldest district of Seattle/先驱广场

Pike Place Market/集市(汉正街)

Fresh seafood shipped, visit Pike Place Fish Market!

Victor Steinbrueck Park, named after who restored Pike Place Market/公园

Stadium and Field/体育场

Do you see Rainier?

Inside Safeco Field, home of Seattle Mariners/西雅图水手队主场

Part II -- Seattle Center, where the 1962 Seattle World's Fair was held./1962年世博会举办场地

Monorail, built for the 1962 Seattle World's Fair/专为世博会修建的轻轨

Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame/科幻小说博物馆暨名人堂

Experience Music Project/音乐体验馆

Space Needle/定“宇”神针

Lake Union, seen from the observation deck of Space Needle/联合湖

Part III -- Cruises/游船

Various cruises are offered by Argosy Cruises. I took two of them:

Harbor Cruise/海港游
Departing from Pier 55 on the historic Seattle waterfront/55号码头

The Edgewater Hotel, you can fish sitting on your bed./水上旅馆

Elliott Bay/艾略特湾

Seattle Skyline/楼群


Lake Cruise/双湖游
Sea Plane on Lake Union/水上飞机

Houseboat on Lake Union, still remember where Tom lived in Sleepless in Seattle?/湖上人家

Lake Washington, home of rich and famous/华盛顿湖

Guess, where does Bill live?/猜猜盖茨住哪?

Part IV -- Big names of Seattle

Microsoft, the headquarters

Starbucks, the very first store

Boeing, the plant

Part V -- Seattle night/西雅图夜色

Lake Union/联合湖

Skyline, Lake Union in between/隔湖相望

Olympic mountains, Elliott Bay in between/奥林匹克山脉

Skyline, Elliott Bay in between/隔海相望

Part VI -- Kirkland, a satellite city of Seattle/柯克兰,西雅图的一个卫星城

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